Dallas County System of Care held kickoff event

Team strengthens partnerships to improve services to children and families

DALLAS – June 15, 2015 – The Dallas County System of Care Team held a kickoff event to launch an exciting initiative that builds and strengthens partnerships among local agencies to effectively address the needs of children and youth with or at-risk for mental illness and other challenges. The event was held at the Henry Wade Juvenile Justice Center, 2600 Lone Star Drive, Room 203- A, Dallas, 75212. Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins served as keynote speaker.

Dallas County was selected as a System of Care Community during a competitive application process. The existing team includes the lead agency, Metrocare Services; Parkland Health & Hospital System; The Dallas County Juvenile Department and The Dallas County Department of Family and Protective Services. Invitees to the kickoff event were local stakeholders and agencies that provide services to children and youth in order to promote the Dallas County System of Care Team and to invite these stakeholders and agencies to join the new system of care network.

“Metrocare is excited about the opportunity to build stronger partnerships among systems serving youth in Dallas County,” said John Burruss, Metrocare CEO. “Stronger partnerships will help Dallas County increase the capacity to implement, sustain and improve effective mental health services for youth and families.”

The Dallas County System of Care Team will focus on network development and creating a collaborative governance body to evaluate the strengths and needs of existing mental health services in Dallas County. The team’s goal will be to identify existing gaps and barriers that families endure and organizations experience when trying to provide mental health services; find solutions to overcome those barriers; as well as improve the continuity of care among local service providers. A complex system is challenging to navigate and produce positive outcomes. The Dallas County System of Care Team will help streamline access to services for children, youth and families that experience obstacles in meeting their needs.

“The Dallas County Juvenile Department is excited to be a member of the System of Care Team. The opportunity to serve youth and families alongside our partners is a paramount step toward making significant and positive impacts in the lives of children in our community,” said Rudy Acosta, Deputy Director of Probation Services.”

Sheryl P. Smith of Child Protective Services said, “Dallas County Child Protective Services is excited to be a part of the Dallas County System of Care Team.”

“Parkland is very grateful for the opportunity to help in this collaborative effort with other important organizations in Dallas. We are hoping that through our efforts we can establish accessible mental health for children, youth, and families throughout Dallas County,” said Dr. Cesar S. Termulo, Parkland Health and Hospital Systems. “Being one of Dallas County’s largest providers of primary care, we understand the urgency for patients to receive high quality, mental health care.”

For more information about the Texas System of Care, please visit www.txsystemofcare.org.

Contact: Kimberly Holliday

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