Mental Health

Veteran’s Mental Health Services

Designated for veterans, military families, and active-duty service members.

Having a fellow veteran to talk to who has been there matters. Whether it is helping spouses and children during times of deployment or assisting veterans with reintegration into civilian life, services to individuals in the military community must be provided through an empathetic lens.

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Veteran Support Groups Through Military Veteran Peer Network

The Military Veteran Peer Network (MVPN) is a supportive network of services for service members, veterans and family members.

Direct Peer Services, as provided by our MVPN Program, have proven effective in assisting members of the SMVF community (service members, veterans, and their families) by offering one-to-one peer support, referrals for mental health and wellness, mentoring and support during Veteran Treatment Court, and the provision of peer support groups in a welcoming and understanding environment.

Who is a Veteran Peer?

  • A veteran with a shared experience who is willing to help others.
  • A veteran who suffered hardship as a result of their military experience, past trauma or mental health issue but has learned successful coping strategies.
  • A veteran who wants to help others on their recovery journey.
  • A veteran who is willing to listen.

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