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Metrocare is the largest provider of mental health services in North Texas, serving over 55,000 adults and children annually. For over 50 years, Metrocare has provided a broad array of services to people with mental health challenges and developmental disabilities. In addition to behavioral health care, Metrocare provides primary care centers for adults and children, services for veterans and their families, accessible pharmacies, housing and supportive social services.

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At Metrocare, our goal is to provide the best and most comprehensive care to all of our neighbors experiencing a developmental disability or a mental health challenge. Healing from a mental illness, recovering from a substance abuse challenge, and living a meaningful life is possible. Help is available to all.

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Did You Know

Texans live with a serious and persistent mental illness
Texans have a mental illness and would benefit from treatment
Children received care from Metrocare last year

Client Testimonials

“Metrocare gave me “me” back. They let me look in the mirror and see Leslie. Because they wanted me to be Leslie.”

Leslie’s tragic loss of her mother triggered the onset of mental illness. She subsequently lost her home, lost her daughter, and ultimately lost herself. Until one day, she made the brave decision to walk into a Metrocare clinic. “ Somehow I knew I belonged here. I knew I wasn’t leaving without somebody helping me.” Today Leslie is thriving.


Carlos was a teen grappling with generational cycles of trauma and mental illness, a case too often the norm.

By the time he was in his early teenage years, Carlos found himself in the juvenile justice system. While on probation, Carlos was referred to Metrocare’s Wraparound Program, and that is when things began to shift. Carlos needed someone to show up with unwavering support, to believe in him, and challenge him to think differently. Today Carlos has big dreams a