Department Leadership

Carrie Parks

Provider Services Director

Bianca Zamora

Homeless, Housing, and Veteran Services Director

Deshae Gatti, Ph.D.

LIDDA Chief Psychologist

Diane Graham

PASRR Service Coordination Manager

Gala Dunn

Senior Projects Manager

Jasmine Brown

Outpatient Operations Director

Jennifer Torres

Intensive Services Director

Joel Triska

Public Affairs Director

Kevin J. Boyd

Real Estate and Facilities Management Director

Montrula Johnson, Ph.D.

ACER Program Manager

Oliaku Idigo

Provider Services Manager

Regina Walker

Child & Adolescent Services Director

Sasscha Willis

General Revenue Service Coordination Manager

Selena Milles

ECI & Centers for Children with Autism Director

Shea Abraham

Health Information Management Director

Sherry Chantharaj

Aging Disability Resource Center Program Manager

Vivian Buckley

Authority Services & Infection Control Manager

“We are changing minds. Not just the minds of those who cannot see a way out of their current struggle, but also the minds of those who see others with mental health issues as unreachable. We truly see the world as a place to make better and that’s what we try to do every single day.”

-Dr. John W. Burruss, CEO, Metrocare

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