Client Rights & Responsibilities


Metrocare Services (“Metrocare”) is dedicated to providing quality services and helping the people we service find lives that are meaningful and satisfying. As such, we are committed to helping you know your rights while you receive medical and social services from us. We have available the following resources to help you learn about your rights and where to go for assistance.

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Know Your Rights

  • Right to accept or deny services
  • Right to receive or refuse treatment
  • Right to be free from abuse, neglect, and exploitation
  • Right to file grievances about the quality or level of services received or not

  • Right to receive a copy of your medical records
  • Right to view and inspect a copy of your medical records
  • Right to limit who may receive a copy of your medical records
  • Right to request who has requested a copy of your medical records
  • Right to modify/edit your medical record where there is incorrect information
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Rights Protection Offices

The Rights Protection Offices are available to you to address your complaints and grievances against Metrocare or a Metrocare staff member if you feel that you have been:

  • Treated unfairly
  • Denied needed services
  • Denied accommodation to meet your special needs
  • Unable to resolve a complaint about services with your Metrocare staff person

Metrocare Client Rights Protection Office

Client Rights Protection Officer
Phone: 214-743-1296

If you suspect or believe that you are or a family member/loved one (child, person with a disability, and/or an adult over 65 years old) is a victim of abuse, neglect, and/or exploitation from a Metrocare staff person or another healthcare or social services provider, you must file your report directly to Texas Department of Family Protective Services

To report online please visit Texas Abuse Hotline