Intellectual &
Developmental Disabilities

Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities


Our goal is to help your loved one with an Intellectual or Developmental Disability (IDD) access the services needed to achieve the highest quality of life. Our IDD Services offer an extensive array of supports tailored to the individual’s specific need with the goal of your loved one living in the community in the least restrictive setting possible. Services are provided either through Metrocare directly or through our vast network of private and public partner agencies. 

We are here to connect you and your family members to the help you need and to the provider of your choice! 

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Our LIDDA team determines if a person is eligible for state-supported services, enrolls individuals in programs, and coordinates ongoing services based on their individual needs across an extensive network of providers, public and private.

As an agency, Metrocare also offers certain developmental disability programs for adults and children. Learn more about our provider services from our Centers for Children with Autism and Early Childhood Intervention Services to our vocational training and day habilitation programs at Metrocare’s Career Design & Development Center.

Authority Services

Find out if your loved one qualifies for publicly-funded IDD supports. 

Early Childhood Intervention

Serves children from birth to 36 months with a developmental delay or disability.  

Centers for Children
with Autism

Two Centers providing therapy to children diagnosed with Autism, ages 2 to 12.

IDD Community

IDD support services for every stage from toddlers, teens, to adults.

What is an Intellectual and Developmental Disability?

An intellectual disability is characterized by limitations in intellectual functioning and difficulties in many everyday social and practical skills.

A developmental disability is attributed to a cognitive or physical impairment that results in limitations in areas such as self-care, language, and mobility.

An intellectual or developmental disability originates before the age of 18 years old.

What is a Pervasive Developmental Disorder?

Pervasive Developmental Disorders are a class of developmental disabilities that are characterized by severe impairments in multiple areas of development, such as social interactions and communication skills. Pervasive Developmental Disorders are also expected to be life-long and require ongoing services. Typical age of onset is before three years of age. Autism Spectrum Disorder is one of the most common in this category. Other include: Asperger’s Disorder, Rett’s Disorder, Childhood Disintegrative Disorder, or Pervasive Developmental Disorder – Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS).