Early Childhood Intervention


Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) is a statewide program within the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) for families with children birth up to age 3 years old with developmental delays, disabilities or certain medical diagnoses that may impact development. ECI services support families as they learn how to help their children grow and learn.

To Learn More about the Texas ECI program please visit the Texas HHSC website: ECI Texas.

What to Expect at My First Appointment

When you arrive, you will check in with the receptionist.

Please bring the following items with you, if you’d like to save time at your appointment:

  • A copy of your child’s insurance card
  • A copy of your child’s medical providers’ information (e.g. pediatrician, specialists, current therapists, etc.)
  • Any assistive technology devices your child utilizes in his/her daily living (e.g. glasses, hearing devices, walker, wheel chair, etc.)
  • Please ensure you’ve reviewed the following documents are prepared to ask questions to your ECI therapists:

Refer a Child to ECI

Anyone can refer a child for ECI services!

The following information will be needed to make a referral:

  1. Child’s Full Name
  2. Child’s Date of Birth*
    • *If a child is 45-days from turning 3, your referral will be sent to the child’s local ISD
  3. Address the Child Resides
  4. Address ECI services would be provided if different from the child’s home (ex: daycare)
  5. Primary Caregiver(s) Name, Phone Number, and relation to the child
  6. Primary Language of the Family/Child
  7. Referral Concerns
  8. Is CPS Involved?
  9. Information of Individual Making the Referral:
    • Name
    • Contact Number
    • How you heard about ECI

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