Local Intellectual & Developmental Disability Authority (LIDDA)

Local Intellectual & Developmental Disability Authority (LIDDA)


Metrocare is Dallas County’s Local Intellectual & Developmental Disability Authority (LIDDA). We serve as the front-door to coordinate all publicly funded Intellectual and Developmental Disability (IDD) programs.

Our goal is to help your loved one access the services needed to live in the community and achieve the highest quality of life. First, our team determines if your loved one is eligible to receive Texas IDD Services. Then, we help connect you to the right resources and supports across our extensive provider network and beyond.

We also help enroll your child on the State waitlists for Medicaid waiver programs, known as the “interest lists” Tip! Don’t wait to enroll.
Waitlists for these programs are often 10+ years. While the wait is long, receiving these services can make a huge long-term difference.

Who We Serve 

To qualify for LIDDA services, the person must be a resident of Dallas County, at least three years of age and have either a:

  • diagnosis of an intellectual and / or developmental disability (IDD) or other related condition
  • pervasive developmental disorder, like Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • nursing facility resident who is eligible for specialized services for IDD or a related condition.

Eligibility to receive services is determined by Metrocare’s Eligibility Determination Unit.


Call us now and a team member will connect you to needed services ASAP

Metrocare’s crisis team is here to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


  • Provides or contracts to provide an array of services and supports for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities;
  • Is responsible for enrolling eligible individuals into the following Medicaid programs:
    • ICF/IID, which includes state supported living centers
    • Home and Community-based Services
    • (HCS) Texas Home Living (TxHmL)
  • Is responsible for Permanency Planning for consumers under 22 years of age who live in an ICF/IID, state supported living center or a residential setting of the HCS Program.

Getting Started

Call or email the EDU to set up initial eligibility determination assessment

Metrocare will first set up an assessment to determine if a person has an intellectual or developme