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Metrocare has been caring for people for over 40 years.

1.9 million Texans live with a serious and persistent mental illness

6.4 million Texans have a mental illness and would benefit from treatment

Last year, nearly 50,000 adults received services from Metrocare

Last year, 15,000 children received care from Metrocare

70% to 80% of parents with a child with autism will get divorced

40% of children with autism do not talk at all

Autism impacts more children than childhood cancer, juvenile diabetes, Down syndrome, and cystic fibrosis combined

Early diagnosis and intervention of an individual with autism can reduce the lifetime support costs by 66%


Join Our Mission of Service to Our Community!

When you join Metrocare Services, you play an important role in the lives of the people we serve. Working for Metrocare isn’t just a job. It’s a career where your skills and passion for delivering quality care makes a positive difference to the individuals that we serve.

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If you don't see a specific position open, be sure to apply anyway. We consider applicants for both current and future needs.


We couldn't have a great employee-first culture without great benefits. That's why we offer all our full-time and part-time employees exceptional training and an outstanding benefits package.

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Tobacco Free Facilities

Metrocare facilities and grounds are tobacco-free in consideration of health and well-being of our Metrocare staff members, guests, and individuals and families we serve.

Background Checks and Drug Screening

Metrocare conducts pre-employment background and drug screenings In the interest of the health and safety of our Metrocare staff members, guests, and individuals and families we serve.

Equal Opportunity Employer

Metrocare is an equal opportunity employer.  It is the policy of the Board of Trustees that all Metrocare activities related to human resources management shall be administered and conducted without regard to age (40 or over), race, color, religion, gender, gender orientation, gender  identity, gender expression, genetic information, disability, national origin, marital status, political belief, or veteran status.

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Jerry Holacka, RHIT Medical Records

My on-going career in the Medical Record’s field began at Dallas County MHMR, now Metrocare Services, on June 29, 1992 when I applied for and was accepted for the position of setting up a Medical Records Department for their new Inpatient Program, called Mental Health Connections, which was on the 9th floor of St. Paul Hospital. This was my first in being part of Metrocare’s Mission to serve our neighbors with developmental or mental health challenges by helping them find lives that were meaningful and satisfying, as most of my past years of experience was in acute care Hospitals. The knowledge I learned in my role of daily record-keeping, then all hand-written documentation, (before the days of Computer accessibility), was how all our Consumers were followed and cared for in the Inpatient Unit, with continued  follow-up in the Outpatient setting by Staff and Clinicians involved in their care; which definitely was a  rewarding process to witness. Yes, rewarding, definitely my adrenalin for wanting to come to the office daily, - wishes my earlier record years had been in Mental Health Services.

Yes, we have all come a long way in our journey in providing Metrocare Services, with changes occurring daily, but lastly I want to say, I am very proud to be a team-worker in this journey’s process. 

Ryan Holliday, Intern - Altshuler Center for Education & Research

My name is Ryan Holliday and I am a current graduate student in the Clinical Psychology program at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. Having my placement at Metrocare has been great for multiple reasons. First and foremost, I have received state of the art training in research- and evidence-based techniques that the top clinics and the hospitals in the country are using. Additionally, the staff has been both supportive and knowledgable, helping me grow both as a person and as a provider. But most of all, I am getting to give back to the populations that need it- to the Dallas community as a whole.

Selena Miles, Program Manager - DDP

I joined the Metrocare team because I believed in the Agency’s core values: Integrity, Quality, Diversity, and Perseverance. Five years into my journey with Metrocare, it’s rewarding to see the changes we have made as an Agency to ensure we stay focused on these values at all times.  I have had the opportunity to grow within the management team within Metrocare and learn from a knowledgeable team of mentors within our Leadership. I’ve been provided opportunities to participate in leadership development conferences, learn a second language, and travel within the State of Texas to network with other providers.  I’m a part of a team that celebrates our successes but isn’t afraid to ask, “What can we achieve next and how can we support one another to get there?” which can be rare within work-settings these days! Being a team member of Metrocare is for the individual who wants to be successful at the services that others do not want to do. To me, this is the most rewarding type success to be a contributing member of.

Shana-Lee Dixon, People Coordinator - People Department

I love working at Metrocare Services for so many reasons!  We make an impact on our community by helping our consumers live a meaningful and satisfying life.  The staff is pleasant and truly have a heart for our consumers.  Metrocare Services believe in their employees by investing in us with our Professional Development program.  When many companies are removing such incentives, Metrocare Services sees the value in investing in their staff.  I am proud to be an employee at Metrocare Services.

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