The David Homan Endowment Fund

Providing medication and hope to the individuals served at Metrocare’s Samuell facility

David gave the best hugs. Those who knew him remember his sense of humor and laughter. His innocence allowed him to see the best in everyone and he longed to help others far beyond what was possible. David faced his mental illness with courage and determination. He knew the impact that proper and consistent medication had on daily life. Medication allowed him to maintain a job, interact well with his friends and family, and most of all, feel like himself — the David he wanted to be. He was overwhelmed with compassion for his fellow patients at Metrocare who struggled to make the small copay often required to obtain their medicine. David persuaded his mother to pay for other patients’ medicine enabling those clients to carry on for another day.

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In His Memory

David’s family has established The David Homan Endowment Fund to provide financial assistance for individuals receiving services at Metrocare’s Samuell location who are unable to afford their medication. With this gift, David’s compassion and concern for his fellow patients will make a lasting impact on the lives of others.

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Many people in your world may be “living well” with a mental illness and you are not aware. This is because adults living with mental illness can have productive, fulfilling lives when maintaining a consistent balance of therapy and medication. But when someone dependent upon medication to feel stable is forced to go without, the results can be devastating. This is when the person’s behavior often becomes the negative stereotype they have been fighting to overcome.

Some patients cannot afford the copay or deductible required to obtain their medicine. This obstacle can prevent tax-users from becoming taxpayers simply because they cannot maintain the medication needed to stay healthy. The David Homan Endowment Fund provides financial assistance to these individuals at Metrocare’s Samuell location.


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