How to Manage Your Anxiety During COVID-19 Crisis

Top Ten Ways to Manage Anxiety in
the time of the Coronavirus

Anxiety is an important part of our internal anticipation and warning systems that prepares us to respond to dangers – whether they be real or perceived. We often experience anxiety in the natural course of life such as about a significant challenge at work or about our teenager who is struggling in school as examples. Anxiety can even be motivating, like before a basketball game to get adrenaline pumping or even before happy events like having a baby or a wedding.

An anxiety disorder, in contrast, is a mental health problem involving the brain and adrenal glands that can substantially impair our daily functioning. As much as 20% of the population suffers from these common conditions. In these cases, anxiety can appear for no apparent reason, be stronger than expected, or feel like it is impossible to manage. People may avoid everyday situations like going to the grocery store (during ordinary times, not du