Community Notice

Metrocare Services – Notice to Our Community of a Recent Privacy Incident January 17, 2020

Metrocare Services (“Metrocare”) values the confidentiality and privacy of the individuals we serve. As such, Metrocare issues this notice to its community of an incident that may have impacted certain information of some individuals served by Metrocare. While Metrocare currently has no indication of actual or attempted misuse of the information related to this incident, out of an abundance of caution, Metrocare is notifying those identified individuals whose information may be impacted by the incident and providing information related to Metrocare’s response and provide steps those individuals may feel appropriate to take to protect their information.

We identified unusual activity in a Metrocare employee’s email account. Upon discovery, we took immediate steps to secure the account and, with the assistance of third-party computer forensics investigators, determine the nature and scope of the activity. On December 11, 2019, it was determined that unknown actor(s) had access to the employee’s email account and other documents accessible to the employee between November 19, 2019 and November 20, 2019. The investigation could not rule out whether specific information was accessed by the unknown actor(s); therefore, we undertook a comprehensive review of the impacted information to determine what personal and health information was present and to whom the information related. Although we have no evidence of actual or attempted misuse of information, we are providing notice of this incident because our investigation determined that personal information was present at the time of the unauthorized access.