Superhero Ikenna Mogbo

September 04, 2020

Mental Health Superhero: Ikenna Gerard Mogbo

Meet Ikenna Gerard Mogbo

Director of Housing, Homeless Services and Veteran Services

  1. What is your role at Metrocare?

I am in charge of the programs that encompass the journey of an individual from homelessness to permanent supportive housing. I am also in charge of outreach to our large veteran community through our peer-supported services.

  1. What is the favorite part of your job?

Providing services to those in need. Giving people a lifeline after they’ve been at their worst. Seeing the smile on a person’s face as you hand them the keys to their apartment after they had been on the streets or struggling for some time.

  1. In your opinion what is your mental health super power that you offer to those you serve?

Perspective. I bring a unique perspective due to my own personal and familial background in homelessness and mental health, which has allowed me to relate to a multicultural and diverse expanse of individuals.

  1. Why do you choose Metrocare?

Metrocare Services allows me to provide housing to the most disenfranchised people in our community, such as individuals experiencing homelessness. Additionally, Metrocare provides services in time of need to our most deserving, the veterans.

  1. Can you provide a brief success story with how you’ve help impact someone life?

A veteran was struggling in an abusive relationship after leaving the military. She reached out for services just as she was leaving the relationship and after having lost her job. She wanted to try and keep her family together despite going through a very difficult personal period. I was called as a last minute resource late one Friday afternoon and worked diligently with hotels in the area to put her and her family into temporary housing that day. She was able to stay in temporary housing for a few months while she looked for work and built herself back up. She was able to move her and her children into her own housing soon afterwards.

  1. In your role, what are you seeing around Dallas as it relates to the need for mental health services and how can donors support these efforts?

More and more veterans in our area are needing a combination of mental health and homeless services that are evidence-based and trauma-informed given the unique experiences of our veterans. Donors can help with our goals by continuing to provide financial support for our trauma-informed care for veterans and their families.


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