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Metrocare has a new, brighter look and feel.

The old branding served us well. It gave an impression of professionalism and people. This worked because Metrocare has been Dallas County’s primary provider of mental health and disability services for decades. Entire communities have been impacted by our clinics, care coordinators, and intensive programs.

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Metrocare’s reach is broad and our clients could easily constitute a decent-sized city (last year we served over 50,000 people!). With this continued growth in mind, we want to ensure that the individual remains central. The story of Metrocare is not a story of zip codes and demographics. Our workers do not sit with pie charts and line graphs. We sit with people. The story of Metrocare is one of passionate care. Our workers – psychologists, facilities, pharmacists, receptionists, therapists and administration – all have this in common. We do this to improve the lives of people.

Therefore, our new look represents a clear message. While Metrocare is not changing its focus on high-quality services, our fresh aesthetic is highlighting our commitment to change with the times. We update our approaches according to evidence-based research and renovate our spaces according to standards of trauma-informed care. Because we are open to strategic shifts, we’ve changed our brand, too.

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First, notice the image is no longer a group of three people, but of a singular person nestled in the middle of our name. We are person-centric. Metrocare keeps the individual forefront in our mind as our professionals expertly create wraparound systems of care. We believe by supporting the individual with a mental health challenge, housing insecurity, or an IDD reality, we can change the community at large.

Secondly, notice the emphasis on care. This is at the core of our work. With every assessment, with every carefully monitored prescription, with every group therapy session, we operate from the heart.

The privilege of assisting our neighbors has only enhanced our compassion. With each encounter, we empathize with a difficult situation and utilize our knowledge and skills to make a positive difference. While some of society may overlook people on the margins, we know first-hand that they are powerful human beings who carry unique challenges. They deserve our care. Period.

Lastly, our tagline is simple yet profound: find yourself here. A person is not their diagnosis any more than they are their height or their eye-color. It’s just one of the hundreds of aspects that make up any one individual. Someone born with a mental health challenge or intellectual disability isn’t flawed. They are unique. Humanity is not monolithic, but diverse, and past labels of insanity or brokenness are not constructive or accurate. The historical stigma that society still unfortunately holds onto obscures the truth. Our clients are valuable humans worthy of dignity just as much as anyone else. And they deserve the right to discover that for themselves.

In conclusion, while we have a new look, we embody the same passionate commitment to serve. Metrocare cares.

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