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Metrocare has been caring for people for 50 years.

1.9 million Texans live with a serious and persistent mental illness

6.4 million Texans have a mental illness and would benefit from treatment

Last year, nearly 50,000 adults received services from Metrocare

Last year, 15,000 children received care from Metrocare

70% to 80% of parents with a child with autism will get divorced

40% of children with autism do not talk at all

Autism impacts more children than childhood cancer, juvenile diabetes, Down syndrome, and cystic fibrosis combined

Early diagnosis and intervention of an individual with autism can reduce the lifetime support costs by 66%

Behavior Treatment Services (BTS)

1353 N. Westmoreland
Cottage 5
Dallas, Texas 75211
Phone: 214-743-1286

Behavioral Treatment Services (BTS) specializes in offering accurate evaluation and on-going support to improve behaviors, minimize community placement failures and reduce the need for acute care.

Who BTS Serves

BTS serves individuals three years of age or older with a diagnosis of Mental Retardation, Autism, Pervasive Developmental Disorder, or other qualifying disorder as determined by the Eligibility and Determination Unit (EDU). Services available for Dallas County residents and private or self pay consumers outside of Dallas County.

About the Program

BTS offers a wide range of unique services to individuals who are dually diagnosed with developmental disabilities and mental health challenges. Specifically, the program provides:

  • Assessment of behavior
  • Development of individualized behavior and treatment plans intensive parent and caregiver training licensed Staff who teach and model effective
  • Intervention strategies
  • Hands-on training and feedback
  • Monitoring of progress through data collection

BTS’ Goal

BTS assists individuals struggling with behavior challenges in order that they and their families may lead more meaningful and satisfying lives.

Team Members

The BTS treatment team is comprised of a robust group of licensed staff that are well trained in the treatment of a broad spectrum of mental health diagnoses and developmental disabilities.

Staff includes

  • Behavior Intervention Specialists
  • Licensed Psychological Associates
  • Licensed Clinical Psychologists
  • Licensed Professional Counselors
  • Licensed Clinical Social Workers
  • Board Certified Behavior Analysts

Services Offered

Behavioral Assessment

An in-depth functional behavioral assessment will be completed to determine type of service warranted.

In-Home Based Behavioral Modification Training

Professionals provide in-home behavior modification techniques with children and adults.

Office-Based Behavioral Modification Training

Office-based behavioral modification will be available to families who prefer a more neutral therapy environment.

Parent/Caregiver Skills Training

Gives knowledge on basic behavioral principles, problematic behavior, and effective teaching strategies.

Individual Counseling Services

For those consumers who present with a higher level of cognitive functioning and can engage in “talk” therapy.

Family Counseling Services

Licensed professionals provide counseling services for families/couples to nurture change and development.

How to Receive Services


Individuals must qualify for services through the Eligibility and Determination Unit (EDU) of Metrocare Services. Contact the EDU at 214-333-7000 or If a consumer is already enrolled in Developmental Disabilities Services through Metrocare, they can contact their Consumer Support Specialist or Service Coordinator to request a referral for BTS.

Referral for Services

Once a referral is received for services,a licensed clinician will be in contact to schedule the comprehensive behavioral assessment.

Location of Services

Location is determined based upon the clinical judgement and individual treatment needs.

Parent/Caregiver Training

Parent/Caregiver Training is a key component of BTS. It is vital that caregivers are involved every step of the way in order for therapy to be most effective.

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